Basic Survival Kit

The Basic Survival Kit is the first and most essential kit.

It comes with everything one person would need to survive for the first three days of a disaster.  Here’s a list of everything included:

  1. Printed Instruction Manual
    • The included instruction manual teaches you how to use the included items correctly
  2. Outdoor Products – Backpack
    • Immediately after opening, you can use this lightweight backpack to store all the items in the kit.
  3. Sawyer Mini Water Filter with Bag
    • Water is critical to survival and this straw-based filter is the best and most powerful filter of it’s size
  4. Generic All-metal Utility Tool
    • This multi-purpose tool includes a knife blade, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.
  5. Waxed Cotton Tinder Flats (x10)
    • These round cotton tinder flats will burn for minutes.
  6. Hurricane Matches with Striker (x10)
    • These matches will strike consistently–even with very strong winds
  7. Bic Mini Lighter
    • This mini lighter will provide almost 1500 lights and comes with a child-safety design
  8. Mini Flashlight
    • This single-led flashlight is very bright and will last days.
  9. Extra Batteries for Flashlight
    • A second set of batteries of the flashlight
  10. 6″ Light Glow Stick
    • These glowsticks will provide light for up to 12 hours
  11. Mesh-Back Nitral Gloves
    • These heavy-duty gloves have excellent grip
  12. 550 lb Para-cord (25 ft)
    • Para-cord is the standard for parachuting.  It will hold up to 550 lbs!
    • Also you can pull out up to 6 individual thread groups which are great for fishing line
  13. Cable Saw
    • This is a heavy gauge cable saw with an aggressive tooth pattern which can be attached to a stick to form a bow saw
  14. Emergency Blanket
    • Designed to trap in heat so you stay warm
    • Can be draped over your head and taped together at your neck to be used as a cover in the rain
  15. Collapsible Toothbrush
    • One of the best ways to feel clean is to be able to brush your teeth
  16. Toothpaste Mini
    • Great-tasting toothpaste
  17. Emergency Food Ration Block
    • This 18 oz (510 gram) block has 2400 calories, which is enough to keep you alive for 3 days and it tastes like shortbread
  18. 11″ Black Zip-Ties (x6)
    • Zip-Ties can be extremely useful in many ways
  19. 3″ Black Zip-Ties (x6)
    • Zip-Ties can be extremely useful in many ways
  20. Blister Relief Kit (Variety Pack – Moleskin)
    • You never know where you’ll be when a disaster strikes, so plan on doing a lot of walking. This kit comes with many different kinds of pre and post-blister treatments.
  21. Insect Repellent (14 ml)
    • We even found some space to squeeze in excellent-quality insect repellent
  22. 1/2″ Spool Duct Tape (2 yd)
    • Every camper and survivalist knows the benefit of duct tape
  23. Bubble Compass with attached Safety Pin
    • Use this compass to keep your bearings
    • Can be pinned to your sleeve for convenience
  24. 1″ Spool of Flag Tape
    • This bright-orange tape can be used to signal for help or tied to trees to show others the path you’ve taken
  25. Single Use Super Glue
    • This is the best tool to quickly treat bad cuts and wounds
  26. Pack of Wet Wipes
    • When water is scarce, wet wipes are invaluable to keep you feeling clean and sanitary
  27. 6 ft of Stainless Steel Wire
    • This strong wire can tie things together or be bent into a fishing hook and sharpened with the multi-tool
  28. Triple-Antibiotic Foil Packet (x3)
    • Treat wounds with these powerful antibiotic ointment
  29. 3″ Fresnel Lens
    • This flat, powerful lens is useful for starting fires on a warm, calm day
  30. Clear Plastic Bread Bag
    • Keep food sanitary, carry water, or many other uses
  31. Ibuprofen
    • Use as directed
  32. Safety Pins
    • Useful to keeping things tied together